Patrick Fraley’s Treasure Chest of VO Tricks & Techniques


Here are over 150 tricks, techniques, skills, mindsets, methods that will daily advance your voice over goals. They do for me. All in one download.

Includes: Robert Redford’s Realism Trick, Violent Vowels, Pro Pig & Chicken, Snapped-Up Snotty Diction, Ed Asner’s “As Good As It Gets”, The Only Way NOT to Slate , The Killer Catch Phrase, Brad Garrett’s Blockbuster Backstory, Naïve Not Stupid, Monkey Bar Mouth, Mel Blanc’s Baby in a Hankie, and much, much more.

Product Description

Includes these courses — click to see details:


56 Slick Tricks for Voice Over—1-hour Audio with Workbook


The Vanguard Award Winning Technique Collection—  5-Lesson Audio with Workbook Course


Everything They Expect you to Know but Nobody Teaches— 5-Lesson Audio with Workbook Course


The Greatest Cartoon Tricks Ever Smuggled Out of Hollywood— 1-hour audio


 Advanced VO Comedy Technique— 5-Lesson Audio with Workbook