Creating the Undeniable Demo
course 4

$150 or $250

How to make demos that catch and keep the attention of agents and buyers.

A 5 – Lesson Home Course Study

Instructor: Patrick Fraley

The course guides you through how to get undeniable demos for commercial, character, video game, audiobook and long narration work. It is designed to be simple, concise, and to avoid confusion.

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The course includes guidance in the following areas.

Class 1: Introduction

Class 2: Anatomy of the Undeniable Demo

Class 3: Preproduction, Saving Money, Working with Producers

Class 4: Commercial & Character Demos

Class 5: Video Game, Audiobook & Long Form Documentary Demos

Via email, students receive a link on five consecutive Saturdays to their weekly audio lesson and handout.

Through five audio lessons with handouts, students are guided through specific steps to take control of demo production or oversee producers. Students record the optional homework once per week for each of the five lessons. The recorded homework may be used on demos if sound quality is good. Your teacher reviews all homework and comments are sent back to students for guidance. The audio lessons vary in length, from 15 — 35 minutes. Each of the 5 handouts vary in length containing information to clarify the audio lessons.