Game World— Video Game Performance & Audition Skills

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A 5 – Lesson Home Study Course

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The course includes guidance & skills in the following areas:

Class 1: Introduction, Auditioning & Performance Challenges, Translating Emotions to Actions, Manipulating Your Voice for Characterization

Class 2: Approaching Lines of Dialogue as Parts of a Scene, Playing Actions, Critical Contrast

Class 3: Connecting with the Player, Presenting One Character Aspect At a Time in Audition Scripts

Class 4: Viewing Video Cuts for Style, Rapidly Performing Without Belaboring a Line, Assigning Character Attributes to a Specific Line of Dialogue & Auditioning with a Script

Class 5: Techniques for Performing The Series of Three Takes, Mic Technique, Creating the Undeniable Video Game Demo, Auditioning Technique for Scripts, Business Prospects

How it works:
Students are sent five audio lessons with handouts over five consecutive weeks via email and links.
There is optional recorded homework to each lesson.
Your teacher reviews all homework, and comments are sent back to students for guidance.
The audio lessons vary in length, from 15 — 35 minutes.
Each of the 5 handouts vary in length containing information to clarify the audio lessons.