Cutting Edge Audiobook Narration
Audiobook Skills, Course 6


$300 ($250 with Coupon – Coupon Code: CUTTING)

A Five-Part Audio & Handout Lesson Home Study Course.

Product Description

What is it?
“Cutting Edge” Narration is working beyond your good Narration Skills. It is fearless, vivid choice-making with the goal of more work, more money and recognition. The instruction is designed to teach you to make bold choices, which get the attention of casting people, producers, and publishers.

How it works
You enroll, and are sent a link to all five lessons with audio & handouts. Joined by Scott Brick, Nancy Linari & a select group of the best Cutting Edge Narrators in the business, Patrick guides students through the 5 Lesson Course. Students record their homework on each of the 5 lessons and send them via mp3 to Patrick. He personally reviews all homework, and comments are sent back to students for guidance.
Students work at their own pace.
$300 ($250 with Special Coupon. Coupon Code: CUTTING)

Product Description
Class 1: Intro: Bolder Performance Choices, Bigger or Smaller
Class 2: Making a mediocre book better, a good book excellent
Class 3: 3rd Person Narration Shifts from Omnipresent to The Character’s Perspective
Class 4: Vivid Characterization in Dialogue
Class 5: Recognizing & Following Personal Style, Cutting Edge Demos, and Business.