Audiobook Major

Audio Book Major: 6 Audiobook Courses

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Well Read, Well Paid

Class 1: Storytelling Skills, Basis of Personal Style
Class 2: Shape-Shifting, Manipulation, Rhythm
Class 3: Acting, Dialogue, Opposite Gender
Class 4: Advanced Narration Techniques
Class 5: Expressiveness, Optimum Pitch

Better Read, Better Paid

Class 1: 3 Perspectives in 3rd Person Narration
Class 2: Dialogue & Audiobook Acting
Class 3: 1st & 3rd Person, Passion, Author’s Voice
Class 4: Accents & Dialects
Class 5: Pace & Rhythm, and Pausing

Master Read, Master Paid

Class 1: Author’s Voice, Shifting Perspectives, Subtext & Pausing
Class 2: Text Analysis, Acting & Interaction, Passion
Class 3: Business, Demos, Web Pages, ACX, Major Publishers
Class 4: Classic Literature Narration Skills, Inspiration
Class 5: Personal Style

Award-Winning Skills, Award-Winning Pay

Class 1: Nonfiction & Narrative Perspective Skills
Class 2: Fulfilling the Author’s Voice & Personal Style
Class 3: Female Narration & Business Skills
Class 4: Performing Rich & Exaggerated Characters
Class 5: Literary Fiction Challenges & Skills

Prepping the Whole Audiobook

Class 1: Introduction
Class 2: Establishing Story, Genre & Performance Style, Recognizing the Author’s Main Voice, Shifts in Tone & Emotional Preparation
Class 3: Rapid Performance Text Analysis, Character Clues & Needful Pronunciation & Meaning
Class 4: Recognizing the 8 Critical Points of the Story Arc. Identifying Themes & Subplot
Class 5: Pulling It All Together. How to efficiently multi-task as you do your research and preparation for an entire book

Cutting Edge AudiobookNarration

Class 1: Intro: Bolder Performance Choices, Bigger or Smaller
Class 2: Making a mediocre book better, a good book excellent
Class 3: 3rd Person Narration Shifts from Omnipresent to The Character’s Perspective
Class 4: Vivid Characterization in Dialogue
Class 5: Recognizing & Following Personal Style, Cutting Edge Demos, and Business.