9 Critical Skills
to Voiceover Excellence

This is a concise, practical book made up of exercises, observations,
and insightful instruction which stems from the author's 35 years as a professional voice over talent and teacher. 90 of the 141 pages are devoted to exercises created to advance your voice over skills. Here are some of the crucial questions that are addressed in 9 Critical Skills:

  • TEXT ANALYSIS & SENSE OF SCENE -Do you have the skills to break copy and text down at rapid-fire speed? Does your sense of scene yield evocative performance choices?
  • ACTING-Do you know the most widely accepted acting method in the voice over arena?
  • ENERGY-Can you manipulate both kinetic & psychological energies?
  • RELAXATION- Can you overcome performance fears?
  • IMPROVISATION-Do you use improvisation to fix copy with surgical clarity?
  • VOICE & READING-Do you know your optimum pitch, emphasis & diction habits?
  • CHARACTERS & ACCENTS-Can you create unique characters and solid regional and foreign dialects?
  • BUSINESS-Do you follow a voice over marketing strategy with effective advertising, promotion and public relations?
  • MICROPHONE TECHNIQUE-Does your microphone technique realize your choices?

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Spiral Bound Book, 141 pages.

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